Waste Treatment

We realise projects in the field of thermal waste treatment and see to the conservation of resources and environment.

Waste-to-Energy plant: General project management


Fields of Work

  • Mechanical-biological waste treatment plants
  • Thermal waste treatment plants
  • Recovery of metals from combustion residues
  • Energy optimisation


  • Planning, design and realisation of waste treatment plants
  • Operational support, financial planning
  • Planning and realisation of dismantling
  • Regional waste management plans
  • Evaluation of facility siting and procedures
  • Operation, fault and risk analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis

In the wake of restrictions on landfilling in Europe the method of thermal waste treatment is progressively coming into prominence. Burning waste produces thermal and electrical energy that can be fed into district heating and electrical grids.

Apart from conventional planning and realisation of facilities, we also conduct studies and create business plans that serve as a basis for future projects. Furthermore, doing company consultancy and process optimisation allows us to apply our technical know-how to operating waste treatment and energy production plants.

Substitution of 1 incineration line, General planning
Neubau mit 2 Linien, Planungswettbewerb
New plant with one line, Competition project