Railway technology + Traffic technology and planning

We think and act holistically, circumspectly, collaboratively and always strive towards our goals.

lignes de contact
Contact line technology

Fields of Work

  • Passenger and freight traffic railway infrastructure
  • Railway sidings for industrial manufacturing plants


  • Railway technology studies
  • Company concepts for private railway sidings
  • Supervision and detailed project planning of fabrication, construction, assembly and commissioning
  • Coordination of interfaces, construction and assembly processes

The population is constantly growing and therefore needs an efficient connecting infrastructure between peripheral places and city centers. We plan and support several projects, from the construction of service and depot infrastructure, to the renovation of refueling stations for rail vehicles. We supervise construction as well as electromechanics.

courant de traction
Traction current planning, reverse current concept and ORNI
tender for substations, preparation of the file, advice