Sewage treatment

We ensure that everyday occurrences function efficiently, reliably and without notice.

ARA Kloten Opfikon (CH): Rohbau Vorklärbecken
Water treatment plant: Primary decanter structure


Fields of Work

  • Wastewater and sewage sludge treatment
  • Urban drainage and sewer networks
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Road wastewater
  • Work safety
  • Resource management


  • General project management, preliminary studies, engineering, tendering, work supervision
  • Holistic consulting and strategic planning for wastewater associations and operators
  • Studies on plant fusion
  • Management concepts for wastewater networks
  • General and associations’ drainage plans
  • Hydraulic modelling WWTP and catchment area
  • Investment cost comparison calculations and cost allocators
  • Fault and risk analyses
  • CE conformity
  • Energy optimization
  • Phosphorus recycling

Treatment of civil or industrial waste water needs increasingly higher standards in order to protect the environment. Further cleansing stages, such as the elimination of micropollutants, must be planned and implemented. We support our customers not only in technical questions, but also in strategic and entrepreneurial areas.

In wastewater treatment, we deal with demanding projects, such as expansion, connection and refurbishment of wastewater treatment plants. Having recognized that sewage nets optimization is of central importance for good environmental protection, we have intensified our activities in the area of urban drainage and are committed to a holistic approach.

3D-Modell Schlammeindicker
Sludge thickening 3D model
Rain overflow basin
3D-Planung neue ARA
3D planning of new water treatment plant.
Sanierung Faultürme
Restructuration sludge digestion
Saniertes Hebewerk
Restructured pumping station