Natural hazards

Recognizing natural hazards and their risks, and lessening their impact is the central task of our speciality department for natural hazards.

Sustainable flood protection: project management


Fields of Work

  • Flood protection
  • Integral risk management
  • Development and supervision of participative processes


  • Flood map implementation concepts
  • Implementation of flood maps
  • Reporting and controlling

Natural catastrophes such as floods, landslide, collapsing of land and avalanches often generate heavy damage. However, effects can be reduced effectively if activities are adapted to natural conditions.

We work in accordance with the principles of integral risk management whilst including all stakeholders affected. Furthermore, we work on many flood prevention projects, we support clients in changing over to the revised water protection laws, we help clients with the implementation of their flood map and develop risk based protection strategies. 

Flood protection in large metropolitan areas

Action plan, Project Development, Project Management

Flood protection in the village

ville et lac
Project Development, Project Management