Working at EMENEC

Enjoying our work is what keeps us motivated. We contiuously develop ourselves with ambition and commitment.


Personal Statisfaction Sets the Bar
Firstly, personal health and well-being as well as satisfaction amongst all staff members is of paramount importance to us. Secondly, we want to create the best possible working conditions for our employees, such that they can tackle their difficult daily tasks.

Libertarian Views
We do not have pre-defined job profiles. Instead, we prioritise the individual personality of potential staff members such that everyone has an equal chance of developing themselves in accordance with their respective strengths.

Economical Security
With a broad offering of services, long-lasting projects and loyal customers we are a sound company in regard to finances and labour availability. Therefore, we can offer attractive and secure jobs even in the distant future.

A constant, comprehensive and continuous flow of information on matters of our company’s strategy and happenings comes naturally to us, which allows everyone to work on an equal basis.

Trust and Communication
We think of communication as the basis for good collaboration. Accordingly, we have great trust in our employees’ self-responsible actions.

Personal Freedom
We offer our employees a wide range of activities with great freedom, creative leeway, practical relevance, ready access to clients and support.

Compatibility of Profession and Family Life
Every single employee is important to us. Accordingly, we concern ourselves with our employees’ families such that they accept us as an employer and are satisfied with us. Furthermore, our staff members should have time left for family outside work, which is why individual workload and flexible working hours come naturally to our company.