Consulting engineers
Located above the central poste office
P.O Box
20165 Yaoundé / Cameroon

T: +237 6 82 94 70 58
E: info@emenec.tech

Chief Executive Officer : Eloi Essindo Okoumama
Board of Directors : Eloi Essindo Okoumama, Étienne Michel Nnomo Mbang

Trade and personal property credit register
N°RCCM : RC/YAO/2020/B/514
N.IU°: M042014412876P

EMENEC SARL The purpose of the company is to operate a consulting design and engineering office, acting in the context of the development of infrastructure used for environmental protection, road, rail, maritime (port) and air (airport) communications, energy production and distribution (water and electricity), infrastructure of information management systems, as well as the development of public and private health infrastructure.


Website manager
Bekono Roland Esther