With years of experience we implement your energy transition together with you.

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New heating system


Fields of Work

  • Heat and electrical power generation facilities
  • District and long-distance heat grids
  • Renewable energy facilities
  • Energy optimisation


  • Overall planning and design of electrical power and heating plants
  • Regional energy strategies
  • Energy consumption and tariff analysis
  • Energy saving plans

Extracting energy from waste and biomass as well as renewable energy sources has become more and more important. Energy-intensive industries and cities are seeking for energy-efficient alternatives to reduce their dependency on traditional large-scale producers. 

Using an operations management tool, facilities and their mode of operation may be adapted optimally to the economic situation. The tool’s predictions are based on the energy demand within the district heating grid as well as projected future prices of electrical energy and natural gas. We accompany you in developing your operations management process and provide advice throughout your undertakings.

Swisscom, photovoltaic installations (CH)

 Planung und Ausführung von PV-Anlagen, Bauherrenunterstützung
Conception, Implementation, Commissioning, Management support

Wood-fired power plant (CHP), EZF Berne (CH)

Neubau HHKW, Gesamtprojektleitung
New CHP, General project management