Project development

We help realise your vision and bring it into action.

Solar electrification of a village: project development
Solar electrification of a village: project development


Fields of Work

  • Waste incineration plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Facilities in the transport sector
  • Evolution of city centres
  • Flood prevention


  • Client representation
  • General co-ordination and project lead
  • Strategies and project development
  • Planning approval procedures 
  • Project finance planning
  • Project reporting and supervision
  • Operational assistance
  • Progress monitoring

Every project starts with a vision or idea. The challenging part is to develop an actual strategy from the initial vision. We support our customers during this process who often miss required resources and external perspective. Clients profit from our engineers’ long-lasting experience in project development and lead. We show where the need for action lies, elaborate solution strategies and consult our clients on decisions and their optimal line of action.

Our speciality department prepares and plans your project’s tendering for the provisioning of planning services, evaluates different variants and supports you in preparing for public votes for the planning budget and with the participation process.

Studie zur Hochwassersituation an Aare und Rhein, Gefahrenmanagement
flood study, risk management
Consulting, Strategy Development