Environment protection

With many of our infrastructure projects we plan and realise facilities with the purpose of protecting the environment.

Study "Phosphorus recycling


Fields of Work

  • Strategical planning of environmental measures
  • Infrastructural projects
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental construction supervision
  • Supervision in ground works


  • Location and process evaluation for disposal plants
  • Waste management studies, collection and transport logistics for private and public clients
  • Studies in the domains of phosphorous recovery from effluent sludge and the future disposal of sewage sludge
  • Integral management systems (environment, security) for industrial, corporate and public clients 

Our large and complex projects always have much environmental pertinence. In order to achieve this, our environmental specialists instruct our planning experts in good time to work in accordance with environmental protection measures and policies.

Furthermore, we support our clients with the implementation of environmental protection measures during the realisation phase of their projects. This is quintessential for the permit by the authorities, for public acceptance and the acceptability of financial risks. In addition, we create studies in the domains of phosphorous recovery and sewage sludge disposal.

Urban flood control measures.
cours d'eau
Application of the law on the protection of watercourses, assistance to the owner