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Solutions relevant to society, convincing today and tomorrow.

We plan and actualise undertakings relevant to complex matters of society in the domains of information and communication technologies, energy, environment and construction and thereby responsibly do our part in shaping society’s environment and improving the quality of life of every single individual.

Our company is owned by its leading employees, making it independent of banks and external investors.


Key data


From the project management process dedicated to guarantee performance through customer exchanges, a strong culture of internal communication and ISO 9001 certification, EMENEC does everything possible to ensure quality monitoring at all levels of the company.

With a view to achieve considerable improvements in their daily activities, EMENEC has embarked on a project of quality management certification with ISO 9001: 2015 referentials.

    Advantages of ISO 9001 certification for EMENEC
  • Identification of more efficient management processes
  • Provide top management with efficient management processes
  • Respects the compliances of customers requirements, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Defines the area of responsibility throughout the organisation
  • Encourages a positive communucation for both staffs and clients
  • Leads to a reduction in operating cost
  • Qualitative assessment and continuous improvement
  • Increases customer satisfaction

    Advantages of ISO 9001 certification for our customers:
  • Improving quality and services
  • The unambiguous definition of areas of responsibility throughout the process
  • Quality assurance
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Optimizations from conceptual variants
  • A drastic reduction in errors and risks
Family and Work
EMENEC SARL is committed to ensuring a healthy work – family life balance , as well as gender equality.

Risk Indicator
EMENEC SARL leans on a very sound financial bases, because of its constant and sustainable nature:

  • The working capital requirement (WCR) is negative
  • Working capital as well as net cash are positive

EMENEC has optimized its financial health by optimizing the internal management process.